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Welcome to Propac. We manufacture a COMPLETE range of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS). A range of specialty Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Machines. Associated Filling equipment such as Auger Fillers and Weighers. And provide unparalleled application experience.  
Hot Fill!

 'Piping Bags' and standard 'Pillow Bags'. Propac Hot Fill VFFS machines can be configured to produce a variety of pack styles.

Propac. Specialists in hot fill liquid packaging.

AV-2.2-HF Vertical Form Fill Seal machine for Hot Fill Liquid packaging. 350mm max flat bag width. Suitable for up to 5kg

All pumpable products from water based to Extreme Viscosity. Hot or cold. 100g to 20kg. With or with out particulate.

Propac AV-3.2-HF Heavy Duty VFFS machine for Hot Fill. This model is design for high viscosity pumpable products  up to 20kg. Max 480mm flat bag width.

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Transverse Zipper Reclosable VFFS bag from Propac Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine


Reclosable Packs from Propac.


VFFS with Slider Reclosable Zip to produce Stand Up Pack

New STANDAtm Pack from Propac.

Unique Base Gussetted Stand Up Pack Including SLIDER Reclose on VFFS Machine.

Stand Up Bag, VFFS Vertical Form Fill Seal This edgeseal or quatro bag is produced on a Propac VFFS Packaging Machine

Edge Seal Stand Up packs offer outstanding